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About Us

Do you still using printed media to deliver your message?
Don’t you think people more interested to a dynamic message (digital) rather than a static (printed) in this gadget era?
I am sure you have the same answer for this. Yes.

Have you ever think how many time and cost you have to spent if you print all of your media files?
And how if you only use this for one time event?
Where this printed media will go after your event? Save it? OK. But, how many space do you need?
Or just throw it away and contribute in pile up the trash mount?
Think about it.

So..what is solution for this??
Please welcome digiFRAME!
digiFRAME can deliver your message dynamically by using a professional (commercial grade) LCD LED display, so it won’t losing its original form (from digital to digital).
With many features and functionality that digiFRAME has, your event must be more attractive and impressed.
How about the cost?
Our pricing is always affordable with its quality. You can check below or at our pricing page here.
Book now and save the date before you late!